Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bead Art

When Science and Art come together.....

After a lesson in parts of a plant Lil Muallimah wanted to do some arts and crafts.......

The result was quite surprising and cute..... Mashallah !

Stitching the continents


Looking through my drawers I came across these Africa dot to dot printouts that had come out on cardstock by mistake instead of regular paper. It hadn't occurred to me at that time but this time round I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them :):):)

Have my Lil Muallims stitch them...................! How cool is that ? Looks I will end up printing the other continents too on card stock. And to stitch them we will ofcourse keep up with our Montessori color theme yaaayyyy!!!

Sometimes I wonder do my kids really get as excited as myself ? Well I guess at least this time they will.......... hehe

I am going off to prepare the material let's see how they'll react....

They loved it .....


Sorry for the poor images..... will try and redo.

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Hope you'll find some useful pins while browsing through our favorite pins......

Static Electricity # 1

Fun with Static Electricity

You have to see the video to understand and enjoy the Experiment

paper punch outs from a 3 hole puncher going WILD !!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tracing Maps


Lil Muallim has been working with maps in Geography. Recently he's been making physical and political maps for different countries for each continent.  

I'm sure many have done this before but it was the first time in our house......What you may ask.......placing the sheets on top of each other and sticking them onto a window with removable tape!


A pain staking activity just became a breeze! Alhumdolillah

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What do we Waste ?


Recently I made a chart for my kids inspired by an entry in our planner by Busy Homeschool Mom Planners. There are other versions online to, but I liked her Islamic version. I am sharing it here with permission with the hopes that others can benefit too.

Most of it is quite obvious, but some may have you scratch your head

So here's the list:
  1. Knowledge
  2. Action
  3. Speech
  4. Body
  5. Love (and we do love so many things)
  6. Heart
  7. Intelligence
  8. Wealth
  9. Time
  10. Service
Beidhnillah I will add links to each  of the above listed titles as we do detailed lessons for each.


Feel free to download the Poster, the explanatory Notes  and Worksheet for kids to do their own write up.

For now we are working only on the first three. So during the day whenever any of the kids show wastage of Knowledge, Action or Speech I gently ask or remind them what they are wasting........In a house of young children waste of speech and actions towards siblings is quite common.

BUT the best part is that to implement this I have to be as CONCIOUS of myself too !

Oh Allah Make us steadfast in this endeavor and help us improve ourselves to become better human beings and even better Muslims.

If you use this idea please share ideas on how you applied it in your home. 


Monday, March 2, 2015

Pre Ramadan Planning


I've noticed a pattern in my blogging... It's usually most active during and around Ramadan. So without further ado, here's what we are trying to do this year.

Every year I found myself planning and working with the kids right before Ramadan or during it. But I really want to spend my Ramadan with less planning and organizing and more achieving in the sense of Ibadah and organized learning and Ramadan themed activities with kids. I've been wanting to start early and vowed not to let time pass away this time. This is exactly what I told my kids.

I also told them that Inshallah we will all try and work together to raise our level of Eiman BEFORE Ramadan so we can enjoy the best RAMADAN we've ever had in terms of perfection of Ibadah and in making conscious efforts in gaining extra Hasanat.

So here's what we did. May Allah bless our efforts Ameen.

I sat down with the kids with calendar pages from March to June  printed from and asked them to mark Ramadan and Eid. Then we counted how many days we have left for Ramadan starting from March 2nd.

You can get these from our PDF link here

 So we've got approximately 108 days........ Now what can we do make the most of these days to increase our levels of Eimaan. What areas do you think we need to work in.... let's Brain storm.

Here's what we came up with between Lil Muallim 1, 2 and Lil Muallimah.....

  1. Improving Salah
  2. Regularity in Quran Reading
  3. Understanding Quran
  4. Improving Duas
  5. Improving Dhikr habit
  6. Charity: monetary and through doing EXTRA good deeds
  7. Learning Hadith and Sunnah
Alhumdolillah the brainstorming was fruitful and by the Mercy and Grace of Allah the kids came up with all the aspects I was hoping for.

Next up we brainstormed on what we had to do to achieve what we want in each area. You can also download a sample of our table or an empty template to work on your own

Finally we marked what we wanted to start out with first. I told the kids we will ease into those slowly making sure our progress is constant cause if we get into it full  force ahead we might loose our steam and then not be able to achieve what we are hoping for. 

We would like to move slowly but surely gaining momentum and Istiqamah Inshallah 

Will try and post our progress as we move along with our plan..... First off kids are attending a Halaqah every week where they work Basic Islamic Concepts, Surah Translations, Duas and more through mini lapbooks and other wonderful resources graciously shared by Muslim Homeschool Moms.

Ya Ar Rasheed....The Guide the Righteous teacher....please help us achieve our goal this year and let it not be just a plan....

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